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If there was ever a time to clean out your old flyboxes, even if it means discarding a few moth eaten favourites, that time should be prior to your overseas fishing trip whether it be a ‘trip of a lifetime’ or an annual indulgence.

Icelandic salmon flies are for the most part a world apart from those that are used for Atlantic Salmon in Canada. Fish from the Northern coastline of the Kola Peninsula are as renowned for their size as are salmon in Norway…and consequently need some seriously heavy-duty hooks. In short choosing the right flies for your destination is as important as having waders that do not leak and reels with the right selection of lines.

WhereWiseMenFish - Salar Flies £50 voucher

By way of a thank you to all those who have booked a trip with WhereWiseMenFish and have an impending overseas trip we are pleased to offer a personal £50 discount for all full paying rods at any of the destinations where we can offer a range of flies. You will receive a £50 VOUCHER with your trip information documents which can be used to obtain online at

Salar Flies

Salar Flies has one of the largest collections of Salmon flies available online as well as a growing collection of destination patterns suitable for a wide number of WhereWiseMenFish locations. The flies are tied to the very highest standards with a level of quality which you will not find equalled by any of the major supplies of flies. Tied on a wide range of hooks and bodies to suit every possible condition and size of fish.

If you need any help choosing your patterns please let us know and we will very happily put together a selection for your trip.

Link to and contemporary Salmon fly patterns Salar Flies Shop - Please check our website regularly for offers and discounts to buy Salmon, Steelhead, or Sea Trout flies

Salar flies - classic and contemporary Salmon fly patternsScotland/UK - Modern and new patterns in every shape and form.
Salar flies - classic and contemporary Salmon fly patternsIreland - If you do not have at least two dozen shrimp flies in your box your Irish ghillie will look at you in despair!
Salar flies - classic and contemporary Salmon fly patternsIceland - With ultra clear waters Icelandic Salmon flies are unique in their design and size. A huge collection of flies for any trip to Iceland
Salar flies - classic and contemporary Salmon fly patternsEastern Canada - Atlantic Salmon rivers in Canada share many traditional patterns as well as more specific and very beautiful ‘Spey’ patterns
Salar flies - classic and contemporary Salmon fly patternsNorway - Home of the Temple Dog series of flies. For early season and big Salmon the Norwegian fish large tube flies
Salar flies - classic and contemporary Salmon fly patternsRussia - When it comes to the big fish of the Northern Kola Peninsula you need the strongest hooks available. All popular patterns tied on the best Partridge, Mustad & Ken Sawada hooks
Salar flies - classic and contemporary Salmon fly patternsArgentina - The best selection of purpose designed Argentinean Sea Trout flies available online. Look no further

Bespoke Collections of Salmon Flies - Helmsdale Tackle Company

If you are after some really original and cutting edge patterns the Helmsdale Tackle Company, as well as stocking a wide selection of very high quality flies, also has a growing range of bespoke patterns designed by Ronald Sutherland. If you want your flybox to stand apart from the crowd look no further than

Helmsdale company logo

North American Fishing Flies - Salmon & Steelhead Flies

David Bishop has spent the bulk of his life guiding and running fishing lodges for Atlantic Salmon In Canada and has a encyclopaedic knowledge of what works and where. Contact him and he will be able to provide the latest seasons killers tied on the best and most appropriate hooks and to the highest possible standards. Wehnit comes to dry fly ‘bombers’ he has the best in the world!

Shadow Flies

If you are interested in sourcing the very best and highest quality salmon flies in ‘bulk quantities’ for retail or for personal use you will find full details on the link below:

link to Shadow Flies company website

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