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WhereWiseMenFish are proud to be both brand ambassadors of Loop Tackle as well as working in conjunction with Loop hosting travel trips around the world.

The combined years of experience, pulls expertise from WhereWiseMenFish, Loop Tackle and the wider Loop Army of guides, kit specialists, tackle designers, fly manufacturers and industry ambassadors to help deliver the best possible destination fishing trips.

One of the key additional costs involved when targeting an extreme species, such as Giant Trevally in the Seychelles, large migratory Tarpon in Cuba, King Salmon in Alaska or Golden Dorado in the Bolivian jungle are the additional rods, reels and lines that are needed. This is especially true if the trip is an exploratory one to dip your toes in with a new species or even a once in a lifetime.

To this end, Loop and WhereWiseMenFish have partnered to provide anglers with a fantastic opportunity to not only make sure you have the specialist kit required for a trip of this nature, but to also offer significant savings should you want to purchase the gear.


Any clients booking a Loop / WhereWiseMenFish hosted trip will have the option of:

  • Special rates on any pre-ordered recommended Loop Fishing Tackle required for the trip in question.
  • Select range of specialist rental Rods, reels and lines for hire.
  • £50 worth of selected flies for the trip.


Cuba-Jardines de la Reina – on board the Perola Yacht
17-24 March 2018 - $7,000 USD + Travel

Cuba-Jardines de la Reina hosted trip

The fishing at the Jardines de la Reina in Cuba has been at the mainstay of saltwater angler’s bucket list for decades. With just 7 anglers sharing 4 skiffs on board the fantastic Perola yacht this is a week to not only challenge yourself with large Permit, reward yourself with good numbers of Bonefish but maybe more than anything to tackle a full blown migratory Tarpon on the fly. Taming a fish that regularly leaps 6-10 ft out of the water and is as long as you are tall is nothing short of exhilarating!

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Alaska - Aleutian Rivers –Remote Camp for King Salmon
6-13 July 2018 -$3,950 USD + Travel

Alaska - Aleutian Rivers hosted trip

This is a remote camp even by Alaskan standards catering for up to just 7 anglers exclusively fishing the whole river system The Hoodoo river is a relatively small Alaskan River that has produced some staggering tallies for hooked and lost King Salmon. This is a prime week for King (Chinook) Salmon that run straight from the Bering Sea into the thin peninsula of land that makes up the Aleutian Islands.

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Seychelles – Farquhar Atoll – Giant Trevally and much more
23-30 November 2018 -$9,000 USD + International travel to Mahe

Seychelles – Farquhar Atoll hosted trip

There are several atolls in the Seychelles that offer excellent fishing for some species over another however for the full range and diversity with a focus on the indomitable GT then Farquhar stands out as one of the finest. There are few locations or species where kit and equipment is tested to the degree it will be here but the rewards are an adrenaline rush that will take some beating. One of the signature saltwater locations that the adventurous angler should aspire to do.

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