Spanish Fishing Holidays: Fly-Fishing for Trout & Barbel

Fishing in Spain offers anglers the chance to see a different side to Trout fishing. English chalk streams are undeniably exquisite in a genteel and laid back way however there is something entirely mesmeric when fishing a river that is an effervescent turquoise colour, whilst perched on the side of rocky outcrop casting into a translucent stream with snow-capped peaks in the background or under the arch of a medieval bridge overlooked by a castle of similar vintage.

Spain Fishing: Salvelinus

Flyfishing with Salvelinus in the Pyrenees – Northern Spain New WhereWiseMenFish destination

The fishing experience in the Northern Pyrenees is the polar opposite to that experienced in a stocked Trout lake. The fishing will be challenging and exciting and there are no catch guarantees. On a good day you may end up holding a trophy Trout or a dozen memorable fish caught on a dry fly. On a bad day you will have to contend with the exquisite remote scenery that surrounds the ancient dwellings in the area all overshadowed by mountainous backdrops. Fantastic food and wine in local lodges compliment the experience. In short a fishing trip to the Pyrenees is a modern day fishing retreat and being a direct flight away from most major European cities it affords a perfect break for anglers and non-anglers alike.



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publication date: August 2017

Surrounded by the pace of most modern cities it is easy to forget that you can find amazing wilderness and beauty just a short journey away. Fishing in the Spanish Pyrenees offers offers exactly that, ranging from mountain streams to graceful rivers surrounded by vineyards. The fly-fishing for Trout and Barbel offered by Salvelinus is a decadent break to an extraordinarily beautiful, unspoilt part of rural Spain.



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Western Pyrenees Lodge – Santa Cilla

Eastern Pyrenees Lodge – Aren

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References & Testimonials

"I admit it: I traveled to the Spanish Pyrenees as a skeptic. After all, I'd never heard anyone say that Spain has great fly fishing for trout. But my week with Ivan Tarin and Salvelinus Fishing Adventures opened my eyes to the incredible fishery to be found in the heart of the Old World. We fished all kinds of water - from high mountain streams to low-country rivers to lakes - in some of the most beautiful settings imaginable. Better yet, we caught plenty of good trout. The opportunity to catch "striped" brown trout in their native streams was especially exciting for this wild-trout nut, but I also enjoyed the rainbows, "regular" browns, and even brook trout. Everything about the trip, including the quality of the guides, exceeded my expectations, and I'm already thinking about how I can return to sample more of the eighty-plus waters that Salvelinus fishes."
Phil Monahan, former Editor of American Angler
"I stayed at Salvelinus Lodge and La Ribagorza Lodge in July 2010 for 5 days, fishing eight different rivers in order to gain a good understanding of the huge potential of the Pyrenees region. Ivan, his Guides, and Ana the Lodge Manager & Cook could not have been better hosts. I was royally fed and expertly guided. We caught big rainbows on ants in crystal clear rivers that looked just like large spring creeks, and lively brookies on grasshoppers in a tumbling high mountain streams. The variety of fishing, spectacular mountain scenery, tapas and Rioja were a heady combination! I want to go back next year and discover more."
Ian Maclean, Orvis UK Sporting Traditions
The rivers of the Spanish Pyrenees, while being varied in style, all have the common theme of challenging wild trout in spectacular surroundings.
Patrick Senior (Bristol, UK)
The opportunity to catch "striped" brown trout (zebra trout) in their native streams was especially exciting for this wild-trout nut, but I also enjoyed the rainbows, "regular" browns, and even brook trout.
Phil Monahan. Freelance Writer and Editor. (New York, USA)
Fishing trips are more than just landing fish…They are about the friendships we make and the beauty that surrounds us. Spending the week with you in the ancient villages, eating lunch with the cows and enjoying the best tapas and dinners, are priceless. What a special vacation!
Eleanor Peterson. (Florida, USA)
The Western scenery was tremendous… spectacular geology, glacial valleys and the fishing proved to be epic as well, filled with a variety of brown trout taken on dries and dropper rigs.
Sean O'Connor (California, USA)
This was all terrific fishing–challenging, varying, and highly rewarding. In one two-hour stretch I landed eleven fish using dries, two larger than 60 cm (24 inches) and all big, healthy trout.
The Angling Report. (Miami, Florida, USA)


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